Inside the life of Bo Gervig,


now I could write all this in danish.. but no need - all of us happy danes read and write both! Here, small stories of and pictures from my world.

The Big World


Bomb Studio open for booking for your photo shoot or what ever you might come up with



The Worlds Smallest Studio with all the equipment you might need [...]


Work at "Restaurant Julian" (Toldboden and The National Museeum)



This is where I use all me daily hours to make all kinds of events from Big Partys to Wine tastings to Car launches [...]


Photographer Michael Bang location scout and production ass. and if needed stand in Model


As my daily work as Head of Projects this is a great way to get better and at the same time get som good experience i different fields [...]


Surf The World.. when ever I get the time - This is what I love the most



You gotta see the World. Travle is the key word for me in every way no matter what the challange [...] Copyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved